Terms and Conditions for J&K Quotes

(1) Lead time definition: The Lead Time is the duration between the time you order and the time the boards are expected to ship assuming that CAM files received from the customer have no problems or mistakes.This time frame is for manufacturing time only and is calculated in business days. The lead time does not include the day the order is placed, the day it ships, weekends or holidays.

(2) Shipping address is your registered address as shown in the above quote. Please call or email us at least two days BEFORE shipping of your order if it is different.

(3) It is our goal to provide you with a product that meets or exceeds both your requirements and expectations. To that end, we ask that you carefully verify the information listed upon this quote. Please review all of your PCB requirements, and be sure they are accurately reflected herein.

(4) Upon placing your order, the listed information is translated directly to the work order issued to our fabrication facility. Any errors in the above data, such as, in material, construction, thickness, finish or markings will be reflected in your finished product.

(5) As part of the quoting process, we will try to review all provided information, and note any special or unique requirements you may have. If this is an on-line quote, we rely solely on you to accurately enter all relevant information. The bottom line is that our work order takes precedence over any other provided files. After all, the requirements listed here are those the quoted price was based upon.

(6) Customer is responsible for reading all of data based on this quotation. If you find any item in the above data to be in error, please notify one of our sales representatives either by telephone or E-mail, and the quote will be corrected. Also feel free to contact us regarding any special requirements that may not be listed. These can be noted under the ‘COMMENTS’ section, and addressed at the time of the quote.

(7) For order of PCB products, the following files should be received before or in 12 hours after your order:

(A) Gerber files preferred in 274X format including also board outline, dimension, slots and stack-up of layers;

(B) NC (excellon) drill files;

(C) A readme file with all of important things necessary, in addition to Gerber files, for production of the PCB.

(8) Production delay and, therefore, shipping delay of the order may take place if either the CAM files are received late or with mistakes or incompletely. The lead time stated in the above quote is, therefore, invalid.

(9) J&K Custom Electronics is not responsible for quality problems which were caused by customer CAM file mistakes or any errors in written instructions from the customer.

(10) For 1 day ~ 3 day quick turn prototype promotions: Boards are to be made according to customer files as received and and ALSO for specs as stated in the quote received. Therefore, customer needs to read the quote very carefully before order. Customer also needs to be 100% responsible for the design mistakes since for a quick turn order we don’t have time to check customer design mistakes. Customer also should understand that the lead time is the time we use for manufacturing and the delivery time by UPS or FedEx is not included.      

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Terms of Warranty or Guarantee

(11) 100% quality warranty :We will remake the boards free or 100% refund you for the purchase order if your design files has no manufacturability problems, has no design mistakes and conforms to the data from your quote request. The said data are listed within the quote. In no event J&K Custom Electroncis’ liability shall exceed the cost of the purchase order.

(12) low price guarantee against competitive pricing:  The low price guarantee against competitive pricing is valid only before and when an order is placed. The competitive price can only be from competitors in North American Market. Furthermore, the competitive price shall be internet or publicly available and repeatable. We will not accept competitive p rice from other ways, such as fax or emails. The low price guarantee is applied to standard board specs only. You can find the standard board conditions at PCB Promotions and PCBA promotions. The 100% low price guarantee means to match the competitive price. The 100% low price guarantee is only applied to orders with maximum value $10,000.

(13) On-Time shipping or free guarantee:Our on-time shipping performance is >98% with 60% order shipped earlier, in fact. The ‘On-Time shipping or free’ guarantee means you will get your order for free and you just need to pay the shipping charge if there shall be any shipping delay, even one day delay, according to the lead time for the order. The shipping date is the date when the order will be shipped from our manufacture facilities. The guarantee does not cover any delivery delay from the shippers, such as FedEx or UPS, if there are any. The On-Time shipping or free guarantee is a paid service and is applied to PCBA only with maximum order value $500. There will be 5~10% higher price, depending on your order quantity, if you will purchase the On-Time shipping guarantee. The ‘On-Time shipping or free’ guarantee is applied contingent upon the following conditions:

(a) All of design files, such as Gerber files and drill files, shall be received by the the time when the order is placed;

(b) All of design files should not have manufacturability problems or design mistakes. There will be at least 2 more days additional to the original lead time whenever a design problems will occur. In this case, J&K Custom Electronics will do the best to ship the order as earlier as when we can;

(c) This ‘on-Time shipping or free guarantee’ is for standard PCB order only: Less than 10 inch in either X or Y direction, 0.062 inch thick board (FR4 material), 1 or 2 oz copper, minimum conductor width/ space >= 7 mil, , minimum annular ring >= 7 mil, minimum hole size >=12 mil (plated through). Tin-lead HAL plating, green or blue LPI/SMOBC, white silkscreen, no countersinks.

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